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A couple of years after the tsunami-turned-toxic disaster in Fukushima, a new island emerged near the archipelago of Ogasawara in the Pacific south of Japan. Shot between the isolated islands of Ogasawara and the contaminated fields of Fukushima, “The Voyage Out” plots speculative bridges between these parallel worlds, as a mutating archipelago.


2022 is the second episode of “The Voyage Out” radio series and a collaboration with Nuno da Luz and featuring Ayami Awazuhara. Set between the years of 2022 and 2222 the radio series is a sonic exploration of the film to come, as a transmission, as a presage.

Programme :
2022 — 2222 

2022, Ana Vaz & Nuno da Luz ft. Ayami Awazuhara, audio, 29’, 2017
produit par: TBA-21 Academy pour l’exposition de Stefanie Hessle, Tidalectics
en cooperation avec L'Espace Khiasma et la R22 Tout-Monde
dans le cadre de la résidence d'Ana Vaz au sein du programme Plateforme